AbButazone™ Equine Phenylbutazone Anti-Inflammatory
AbButazone™ granules AbButazone™ Equine Phenylbutazone Anti-Inflammatory


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AbButazone™ (Phenylbutazone) is a non-steroidal, analgesic agent with anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and antipyretic activity, in easy-to-measure, easy-to-feed, flavourless, bright orange, film coated granules.


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Dosage and Administration

Phenylbutazone for horses is absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract with a peak plasma concentration of about 12 - 18 hours. Access to high fiber feed can delay this.

Why AbButazone™?

  • No Waste
    Orange granules are easily seen in the feed container if they have not been consumed
  • Great for fussy eaters
    AbButazone™ Can be mixed with the horse’s favorite treats. Micro-encapsulation eliminates the bitter after-taste common with other forms of phenylbutazone for horses
  • Has antipyretic qualities in reducing fevers
  • CAUTION: These attributes may mask other symptoms and should not be administered for these purpose unless specifically recommended by a veterinarian
Nombre de la marca AbButazone™
Ingrediente activo Phenylbutazone
Regime Treatment
Forma de administrar Granulado
Síntomas AbButazone™ pour l'atténuation de l'inflammation et de la douleur associées aux troubles musculosquelettiques chez les chevaux adultes

For treatment regime:

Horses: 400-650kg (880-1200lb)

  • Day 1: Recommended dosage is 8.8mg/kg (3.99mg/lb) of your horses bodyweight.
    • administered as 4 sachets – 2 in morning + 2 in evening
  • Days 2 -5: Recommended dosage is 4.4mg/kg (1.99mg/lb) of your horses bodyweight.
    • administered as 2 sachets per day

Ponies: Refer Veterinarian for recommended dosage.

Administración Simply sprinkle AbButazone™ dry onto feed. For fussy eaters mix with molasses or corn syrup then mix with feed, apple or a treat.
  • WARNING: Not to be used in horses that may be used for human consumption
Fecha de caducidad 31/07/2022

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